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When it comes to diet, you may want to incorporate some anti-aging foods into your meals. Experiment with soy, garlic, onions and green tea and watch what you drink. Chronic use of alcohol can be an age accelerator and always avoid the sun. Exposure to harmful UV rays ages the skin and increases the risk of skin cancer.  Finally, talk to your doctor or health care provider. Whether you choose to follow Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine or Naturopathic it’s important to have the lines of communication open so you have all the right information as you start on the road to recovery and rediscovery. 

Whether it’s the everyday ailments we all suffer from occasionally – like headaches, coughs or colds or more serious illnesses like cancerWellness for Life helps you with information that gives you a balanced approach to your treatment options. Wellness for Life takes an in-depth look at why our bodies experience some of the changes that they do. Ashley Gracile created this groundbreaking health & wellness TV series so you could learn about Eastern, Western and Naturopathic approaches to maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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Ashley Gracile presents Wellness for Life a 26 episode television series he created, developed and produces. GPI Content Corporation released this unique half-hour television series which helps you understand your healthcare options from the perspectives of three healing philosophies…. Western MedicineNaturopathiy and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Overview of Aging 

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Aging

Ashley Gracile believes that “maintaining strength and vitality as we age is a goal that can change everything about the way we live.”  As we age our ability to walk steadily and climb stairs is something that for many of us could mean the difference between staying in our homes and moving into managed care in the decades to come. 

Maintaining our bodies is something that many us will be able to achieve, provided we start early. Working into an active and healthy lifestyle isn’t something that just happens on its own - it's a conscious choice. Exercise is the single most important step that you can take to slow the aging process. It helps prevent a host of disorders like high blood pressurestrokesdiabetesAlzheimers and osteoporosis.   

Aging on Wellness for Life - An Ashley Gracile TV Series

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