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Ashley Gracile presents Gliding at the Harris Hill Soaring Club in Elmira, NY.

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The old saying goes “move it or lose it” is prompting all us to including many seniors and women to take stock of our physical abilities while finding activities that not only push our bodies, but launch our imaginations as well. Ashley Gracile lifestyle TV producer for Wellness for Life explains: "The French call it “joie de vivre” in English that means… a buoyant enjoyment of life." Enjoying life may mean lifestyle changes which could include spending time at a vacation home or cottage, boating, RV’ing, collecting cars and classic motorcycles.  

If you don't know where to start check out some of the TV programs created by the production company behind Wellness for Life GPI Content Corporation. Distant Roads covers RV travel; A Place in the Sun looks at vacation homes & cottages, That's Boating well its about boating; FreeRide celebrates classic motorcycles; Steel Dreams TV is motorsports action; CyberQuest teaches you about the Internet; Spy Games reveals the secrets of international espionage; Road Classics is collecting classic cars or tuner cars on Sport Compact TVAshley Gracile Executive Producer of these TV series believes the activities (and TV shows) we've mentioned combine the wanderlust of adventure, the healing benefits of relaxation while giving you a purpose beyond everyday living and work "and that can tack years onto your life" he says.              

We found one such lifestyle activity just thirty miles outside of Watkins Glen, New York, circling The Finger Lakes Region of Western New York… its gliding. "With the high elevation of  this boating, vacation home and RV'ing paradise and the constant winds coming off The Finger Lakes it’s no wonder this place is known as The Soaring Capital of America" states Ashley Gracile. "It's the most relaxing thing I’ve ever done" says long-time glider Jed Scoevllle, who spends much of his time at what he affectionately calls his second home…. The Harris Hill Soaring Club in Elmira, New York.

On any given morning he can’t wait to get things off the ground. Scoeville who is an instructor at the club says “A sailplane doesn’t have a motor so it’s quiet enough that you can talk to each other in a normal tone of voice and the only sound is the wind blowing by.”​​

With their love of gliding Jed and pilot Cindy Williams have always got an eye out for someone around the club who’s never soared before. Once final preparations are in place, they'll likely be invited along for the ride. Ashley Gracile learned that a glideris towed into flight by motorized airplane using a rope. Once in the air the glider's pilot pulls a lever releasing the tow rope and the glider is on it's own. If you’re one of those experiencing your first flight Jed explains how this turns out to be the most exhilarating part of the ride: “Most everyone's stomach jumps a little when the tow rope is dropped and your see your engine heading back for the hanger. Now it's just you, Jed, and a lofty tailwind. The thrill of soaring is enough to draw all sorts of visitors up to the club where watching the planes is also a popular pastime. Though you may breathe a little sigh of relief when your landing gear bounces deftly back onto the runway. There's no arguing that you'll be back for another flight.


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