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The emphasis on mind, body and spirit that is developed through yoga can provide relief from medical problems such as tension headaches which can be treated and prevented with yoga because it concentrates on deep breathing and relaxation.  But don't worry, just because you go to one yoga class doesn't mean that you have to put flowers in your hair and eat bean sprouts for the rest of your life. Gentle yoga can counteract pain and there are certain poses that will increase oxygen to the brain and reduce pain from chronic headaches and migraines. Movements are so simple that you can do them at home or at work and the benefits of yoga are tremendous. Some people are so committed to Yoga that an in-home studio is now on the wish list for many 1st time home buyers as seen on A Place of Your Own - An Ashley Gracile TV Series.  Ashley Gracile video and lifestyle TV producer feels that one of those benefits or side effects of yoga is an increase in self-confidence and self-awareness. “It doesn't just improve your mental balance, there are proven physical benefits as well.”  

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So it’s not surprising that re-energizing healing such as meditation or yoga can be a good way to keep the energy flowing through your body and mind. Or you might even want to try Tai Chi.  Although it looks easy, Tai Chi can take a while to master. GPI Content Corporation's television program producers for Wellness for Life learned that it may take newcomers anywhere from 6 to 8 months to learn all 108 moves. Tai Chi works with universal energy and you have to be open to it in order to reap the rewards. Tai Chi is a great therapy because you don’t need any equipment and you can do it just about anywhere. 

As we age most of us realize that we just don’t have the  energy we used to have. We get tired quicker and start wondering if our get up and go... just got up and went. But that’s not necessarily a function of age… your weight, mood, spirit and overall health play a big role in your day to day vitality.

Since the movements are slow there's no impact involved, making it perfect for anyone who has stiff Joints. Although Tai Chi is less popular with seniors; you don’t have to wait until your golden years to get involved. Ashley Gracile discovered that many pro athletes practice Tai Chi when GPI Content Corporation produced his TV series Players Parking Only - An Ashley Gracile TV Series. So is Tai-Chi an Asian fountain of youth? Try it and find out… We can't promise that Tai-Chi will reverse the aging process, but it can keep your energy level up and your body in perfect condition​​

There are new exercise plans coming out every day and Hollywood is the first embrace the latest exercise craze. Madonna and Sting are two celebrities who have gone old school and rave about yoga, but yoga isn't a fad, it’s been around for over 5, 000 years. Yoga literally means union with the divine and it's much more than en exercise program. Wellness for Life Executive Producer Ashley Gracile asked Helen Goldstein of The Yoga Studio to explain... “The actual meaning for yoga is yoke and it’s the combination of a practice that allows you to access the body and mind and spirit so it’s all of all three in the most simplistic terms.” 

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