There's no doubt that long-term life on the road is a big change. But if you look at retirement as a new lease on life, it may be a leap you're perfectly willing to take. Marilyn Abraham & Sandy Macgregor, full-time RV’ers recall “Five years ago, we quit our executive jobs in Manhattan bought an RV and went to Alaska and just had the best time of our lives.”  Ashley Gracile presents a video on how they did it. 

Many may not even have considered leaving the hassles of a big house, getting behind the wheel, and heading out for weeks, months, or even years at a time! The road doesn't have to leave you feeling cut off from your network of friends and family. Post Office boxes, email and Skype allow many RV’ers to stay in regular if not daily contact says Ashley Gracile Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media have really changed long term road travel as well. In fact many RV'ers believe they see more of their families on the road than when they lived at home especially if the everyone is spread out across the country.  When it comes to finding birds of a feather you can relate to... joining an RV club is a popular option. Many offer services such as insurance and roadside assistance and often hold regular membership rallies - helping new RV’ers forge bonds with others on the road. This helps when you have RV-related questions states Ashley Gracile Video, on-line resources and RV centric TV shows like Distant Roads and RV Vacation Adventures probably offer the best way to learn about the RV lifestyle.

Ashley Gracile presents staying active by RV'ing.

"All my television series encompass the same spirit of Distant Roads" says Ashley Gracile RV is where I started. Living the life of a road warrior doesn't have to mean compromising on comfort. Today's RV’s run the full gamut, from economical, to full-out luxurious.... so there's no need to leave that big-screen TV behind. So when you’re ready to leave the rat race and finally have some time on your side even if it’s just for the long weekend… these lofty travel dreams have a chance to come true.

Game changing television titles like DISTANT ROADS, PLAYERS PARKING ONLY, STEEL DREAMS TV, FREERIDE,ROAD CLASSICS, FORMULA DRIFT TV, A PLACE IN THE SUN, SPORT COMPACT TV, SPY GAMES, WELLNESS FOR LIFE, THAT’S BOATING, HI-INTAKE TV, RV VACATION ADVENTURES, A PLACE OF YOUR OWN & CYBERQUEST are just a few of the broadcast television titles where Ashley Gracile is credited as an Executive Producer, Creator, Producer and/or Rights Holder. All these show are similar in their life changing outlook. It’s these life changes that are fueling a passion based on following the sun, fun & friendships, wherever they may take you and when you trade in your bungalow for a home on wheels, you’re free to go just about anywhere.

Staying Active - RV'ing

Ashley Gracile lifestyle TV producer thinks staying active and healthy is easy when you adopt the right lifestyle. “New activities and hobbies are great for all of us not just baby boomer heading into retirement” says Ashley GracileIMDB confirms Ashley Gracile and his Los Angeles based production studios: GPI Content Corporation as creators and producers of 15 lifestyle TV series (more than 1,300 episodes) for North America’s top broadcast and cable television networks.

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They had so much fun; they decided to stay on the road. By picking up freelance work as they went along they were able to supplement their income while still retaining some of the challenges of work. With new adventures at every turn, Marilyn and Sandy are finding more things that engage them now than they did back in Manhattan. With the popularity of the RV lifestyle it seems that travelers have uncovered the fountain of youth... and it's rolling down the nation's highways.

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