Ashley Gracile presents how Western Medicine deals with Aches & Pains

An ongoing theme throughout Wellness for Life is showing you the changes you can make right now to put yourself in the best possible health in the years to come. Ashley Gracile lifestyle TV producer thinks that one of those changes will be forming stronger relationships with our doctor’s as we come to rely on them more and more for our health and everyday comfort. When selecting a doctor it’s important to make sure you’ve found someone you can speak to freely and openly.

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You'll want a doctor who is willing to establish a partnership with you as you take a more active role in maintaining your good health. You want someone who will explain procedures clearly and not leave you in the dark when new problems arise. Most of all, you want a practitioner who is open to helping you pursue any alternative treatments you’d like to seek out… one that’s willing to work with your health-care team in ensuring that you get the treatment you’re most comfortable with.

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The producers at GPI Content Corporation TV program creators behind the TV series Wellness for Life found that assembling your health-care team can’t start soon enough regardless of your age. One of the first things many of us notice as the years creep up on us – even before the crow’s feet or the first gray hair - is the beginnings of aches and pains that were never there before. 

If it’s true that as we age, we suffer more of these annoyances than we did in our youth…. and it only gets worse the older we get. It got us wondering just why that is and the answer may be as simple as plain ‘ol wear and tear... the more joint use means the more the cartilage wears and  bones rub together… so it becomes very painful. 


So a pain specialist may be part of that health care team we mentioned earlier because creaky bones seem to bother us more and more these days. These degenerative changes are unavoidable on some level but there are things you can do to prevent them from becoming as severe. Ashley Gracile lifestyle TV producer and the creator of Wellness for Life thinks it’s crucial to keep active in order to increase your energy levels while improving your outlook on life

Through his TV series  Wellness for LifeAshley Gracile encourages you to get a dog, go swimming or take up a hobby like that's boating.  Whatever your age; it never hurts to start working activity into your life, whenever and wherever you can. Take the stars instead of the elevator. Walk instead of driving to the corner store.  Just keeping up the activity of daily chores helps... that everyday routine can go a long way in prolonging the comfort of your joints and muscles, well into your golden years.

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